Testosterone Therapy

Although it is normal for testosterone levels to drop as men age, low testosterone can affect a man’s health. In many ways testosterone is the stuff that makes men, men. The rush of new testosterone in puberty builds muscle and bone, deepens the voice, and revs up the sex drive. Throughout a man’s life, testosterone maintains the male characteristics.
Testosterone levels decline steadily after age 30. The decline is relatively small, at an average rate of about 1% to 2% percent per year. By middle age and older, all men experience a decline in testosterone, but only a small percentage of men do something about it.

The good news is- low testosterone can be corrected with testosterone injections. 

Before starting our testosterone program your physician may order lab work for you if you have not had lab work completed within the past year.
Lab work can either be billed to your insurance or self-paid.  The following lab results will need to be completed within one year of your initial appointment:
CBC Lab (Complete Blood Work)
CMP Lab (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel)
PSA Lab (Prostate Specific Antigen)
Lipid Panel

The cost of our 5 week testosterone program is $199 and the 10 week program is $350. The medication and supplies will be e-prescribed to a pharmacy of your choosing.  You will then inject the medication at home weekly or bi-weekly as directed by your physician.

To schedule an appointment or to get more information please call or text Deland Medical Wellness Center at 386-279-4588 or send us an email at info@delandmedicalwellness.com.