B12 Injections

B12 injections are among some of the latest advancements in health and wellness! Used to boost energy and manage a number of medical conditions.

We often get asked: what is so great about B12 injections?

B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that helps the body with numerous functions. When injected directly to your bloodstream instead of taken orally, the B12 can quickly boost energy levels and restore balance in areas of the body such as:

-Energy production
-DNA synthesis
-Nerve + Cell health
-Red blood cell formation
-Neurological functions

Although this treatment is beneficial, if you have any of these ailments, you may be the perfect candidates for the B12 injections:

-Endocrine-related autoimmune disorders (i.e diabetes or thyroid disorders)
-Gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease
-Anxiety, depression, or mood disorders
-Memory loss
-Heart health
-Neurodegenerative diseases
-Bone health
-Skin or hair concerns

At Living Well Wellness, we offer 2 options to get you started – our 30 Week program or a single shot appointment. Both are safe for everyone, and our wonderful medical staff will make sure your process is comfortable and pain free!

Our 30 Week program includes:
– A doctor visit (not required)
– One 1000mg B12 injection in our office if you decide you would like t
– A 30-week supply of medication, syringes, and alcohol swabs, mailed directly to your home in a sterile kit
– Access to our team of medical professionals

The total investment for our 30 Week program is $250.00 Our Single B12 appointment* includes:
– One 1000mg B12 injection
– Single injections are only offered in office
A single injection is $25. 5 Injections administered in office $100. Must be used within six months of purchase.

* Please note: our B12 injections are only offered for those 18 years of age or older.

To schedule an appointment or to get more information please call or text Deland Medical Wellness Center at 386-279-4588 or send us an email at info@delandmedicalwellness.com.